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How do I Register?

Spring registrations open the first week of January. Fall Registrations open the first week of June. The easiest way to register is to just click Registration on the Main Menu of this website.

What is the difference between Instructional Soccer and Recreational Soccer?

You can find this information here:

What Equipment do I need to purchase?

Players should be equipped with a pair of soccer cleats, shin guards, gold socks, a soccer ball, and a water bottle. A game uniform is provided.
Soccer Ball sizes are as follows:

  • Instructional - Size 3
  • Passers - Size 3
  • Wings and Strikers - Size 4
  • Kickers and Above - Size 5 

please be sure to write your name on your soccer ball for easy identification.

Links to local soccer retailers:

Soccer Village
Soccer CSI

Where, When and How Long are Practices?

Most teams practice two nights a week for 45 to 75 minutes depending on age group. Practices are generally either Mon/Weds or Tues/Thus from 5:00 - 6:00 or 6:00 - 7:00pm. Practices are held either at the Bell Tower, Mariemont Elementary, Avoca Field, or the upper field at Mariemont High school. The practice schedule for each team is posted on the Schedules page on the website each season.

I am interested in Coaching - how do I sign up?

If you are interested in coaching just indicate this on the online soccer registration form or contact Nathan Reichardt, the MRA Director of Coaching at  . You can also visit the Coaches page on this website for additonal information!

I am interested in becoming a SAY Referee - how do I sign up?

You must be 13 years old or older at the start of the season to be a referee and attend a New Referee class. To find out more about becoming a Referee please contact Mike Manzler, the MRA Referee Coordinator at
  m.manzler@yahoo.com You can also visit the Referee Page on this website for additional information.

My child decided not to play after I registered them - can I get a refund?

Yes - just send an email to    .  Refunds are available up to two weeks after the season starts.

What is the difference between Recreational Soccer and "Select" or "Club" Soccer?

Recreational Soccer is typically a community based (all players on a team are from the same community) , "no tryout", "no cut" soccer organization where every player must play a minimum of one half of every game. Select or Club soccer is tryout based - you must tryout for the club typically each season and playing time is given at the discression of the coach/trainer.